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Steel Drums

Safe, durable, and recyclable, the steel drum has long been the preferred container for industrial packaging, and for good reason. Steel drums provide a greater level of safety and protection than other packagings, and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

Fibre Drums

Made of renewable and recyclable materials, the fibre drum offers a cost-effective, light-weight alternative package for the safe transportation of a wide variety of products.

Steel Composites

With the strength of steel and the additional protective properties of a polyethylene interior liner, the steel composite provides a durable, protective package especially well-suited for specialty materials.

Advisory on Pre-torqued Capseals
The Steel Shipping Container Institute (SSCI) has published an advisory to assist parties in understanding their closure and final assembly responsibilities for drums with cap seals in which fittings are pre-torqued. Please click here for details.